The Framework's E-learning Innovations Toolkit provides you with the information and advice you will need to ensure you meet the Framework's requirements when developing your outputs that are to be be handed over for public access. You can download the individual documents from

The Toolkit index includes:

0. E-learning Innovations Toolkit Index
1. 2009 Framework Output Diagram
2. Framework outputs - available for use in 2009
3. E-learning content requirements and guidelines:

a. Introductory information for Framework-funded e-learning content (2009)
b. Key technical qualities of a learning object
c. VET e-learning content development guidelines 2009
d. Learning object technical checklist

4. A Branding Guide snapshot - promoting your project
5. Framework output templates - to be used in handover of output:

a. 2009 Framework CD-ROM/DVD-ROM label template
b. 2009 Framework CD-ROM splash page design template
c. 2009 Framework DVD-ROM content design template
d. 2009 Framework report template
e. 2009 Framework document template
f. 2009 Framework case study template
g. 2009 Framework exemplar template

6. 2009 E-learning Innovations PowerPoint template
7. 2009 Framework Spelling and Writing Guide
8. 2009 Framework request for release of copyright
9. 2009 Framework consent forms:

a. For individuals
b. For groups

10. E-learning Innovations splash pages for HTML-based outputs
11. Uploading E-learning Innovations learning objects to the Toolbox Repository - this document is currently being updated and will be provided at a later stage; for information on upload of learning objects please contact Lauren Miller on email or phone: (03) 9661 8709
12. Assessing resources for inclusion in the Resources Database
13. Resources Database submission form
14. Project output template
15. Brains Trust Guidelines

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