E-learning Innovations Projects - Western Australia

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s (Framework) E-learning Innovations business activity has been established to integrate and embed e-learning into the national training system by supporting and enabling innovation in training design and delivery.
Framework funding and support is provided to RTOs to undertake activities that:
  • support business-training provider partnerships that can drive the integration of e-learning into business and training
  • empower learners through projects which target the needs of individuals in the community or existing and future students of the RTO.
Learners benefit through an increase in pathways to employment and further education opportunities, including more control over the time, place and mode of learning.

Employers benefit from innovations that are shaped to specific business needs which address skills shortages, apprentice retention, emerging markets and priority industry areas as identified in jurisdictional training plans.

The sector benefits through investments in the local VET market that embed sustainable e-learning practices in workplaces and businesses, and stimulate demand for quality e-learning from individuals.

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2011 Projects:

Access to Mobile Technology
This project aims to explore m – learning [mobile] technologies to create a training solution for engaging learners in the database units initially as a pathway for further exploration of units in Certificates I to III in Information Technology and Business qualifications. The concept will be designed to support disengaged youth, long term unemployed and geographically isolated clients. Learning aids such as quizzes and instructional activities will be developed as the project progresses.
New Online Learning
Empowering Learners
Robert McWilliam
Delivery of Cultural Competence
This project will design, develop and deliver regionally appropriate e-learning units of cultural focus, from Community Health & Government Services industry areas. WA Country Health Service employees are based at 131 rural and remote health service units, including hospitals and clinics. The expectation is enhanced cultural security, increased access and confidence in the use of blended and e-learning approaches which aim to enhance behaviours to improve patient outcomes and to “close the gap”.
Metropolitan Health Services (RTO)
WA Country Health Service
(Business Partner)
Business Provider Partnership
John Ward
E-learning Offline
This project will introduce and implement E-learning at Roebourne Regional Prison, for Aboriginal prisoners located at Decca Station. Being a prison, these students do not have internet access. Students are to be enrolled in Certificate II in Resource and Infrastructure Work Preparation [RII20109] which will provide them with an opportunity and pathway into the Construction & Mining Industry. The E-Learning concept will provide work related skills in computer use through interactive delivery and assessment, increase literacy, language and numeracy skills and empower students to build skills they previously had no access to.
Pilbara TAFE
Empowering Learners
Lyn Polkinghorne
Embedding E-learning in Business Partnerships
This project supports mature aged employees in the Community Services & Health sector [Alcohol and Other Drugs] across metropolitan and rural W.A. Learners and trainers will access a learning management system containing a training video, theory, tasks, assessments and case studies to meet the needs of staff from both organisations. Two units will be developed and offered as a skill set which will allow opportunities leading to a full Certificate IV or higher.
Holyoake [RTO]
WA Substance Users Association (WASUA)
Business Provider Partnership
Paul Losseby
E-RPL for Rural and Remote WA
The purpose of this project is to embed a sustainable e-learning culture aimed at servicing clients in the rural and remote regions of W.A. This project will focus on developing an E-RPL process for the Certificate IV in Business qualification targeting learners and their workplaces. Learners will be from: Indigenous, unemployed, sole parents and un-skilled existing worker groups. E-tools supporting this project include a learning management system housing e-portfolios and assessment tools using Metamorphosis.
Empowering Learners
Sarah Smith
Karrayili Remote Community Online
This project targets adult and young. Aboriginal learners in remote communities in the Fitzroy Valley. Video stories, guidance notes, case studies maintaining cultural integrity will support units within Certificate II in Business, through a virtual classroom. Once competent in the use of a personal computer, it is intended to grow the participant’s level of employability and inspire further interest in higher level business studies. The training is a pathway to fulfil the community’s future business administration, entrepreneurial and governance demands and well as supporting any new business enterprise initiatives.
Karrayili Adult Education Centre Aboriginal Corporation
Empowering Learners
Daron Keogh
The Virtually Safe Workshop
This project has identified an opportunity to support employers who want the time their apprentices spend away from the workplace reduced. Automotive lecturers from Durack Institute will use 360 degree photograph technology to develop a virtual replica of the automotive workshop environment to contend with this challenge. Apprentices will use the learning objects that are developed with this technology to enable them to fast track through the core OH&S units within their qualification.
Durack Institute Of Technology
Empowering Learners
Cheryl Galloway & Nicci Godsman
This project supports The Retail Traders Association through the provision of RPL aimed at higher level qualifications by providing an online management system for the Retail Industry in W.A. Three retail units will be rolled out initially with a customised RPL Tool and process and will include video, audio, quizzes and case studies. On completion of the units the expectation is an opportunity into full certification by either coursework or RPL at Certificate III level through to Diploma in Retail.
Skills Strategy International [RTO]
The Retail Traders Association [Business Partner]
Business Partnership
Steve McVey
Your Beach
This project is aimed at metropolitan, regional and remote learners. It will build on and improve existing blended learning approaches, utilising learning objects in a learning management system as the online theory and activity part of training. Tutorials will be delivered utilising Elluminate, video conferencing and webinars. E-learning strategies will provide training not currently available but needed in geographically remote areas, to support Certificate III in Public Safety [Aquatic Search and Rescue].
Surf Life Saving Western Australia Inc. [SLSWA]
Empowering Learners
John King

2010 Projects:

Choose your own learning
This project will use ARED to construct scenarios and innovative learning tools for learners in the Certificate III in Children's Services.
The National Council of the Young Men's Christian Association of Australia
Empowering Learners
Andrew Ballam
CPR Online
This project will develop an e-learning solution for CPR training
The Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia and The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Business provider partnership
Craig Smetherham
E-learning through scenarios and 3D models
This project will add value and extend the 3D model developed in 2009 with the addition of a scenario based formative assessment component.
Challenger Institute of Technology
Empowering Learners
Greg Guppy
Jo Walker- Smith
Annette Geikie
E-local Works
This project aims to offer a range of online learning to support supervisor training for employees of the seven combined Shires within the Mid West Regional Council of Western Australia.
Durack Institute of Technology and Mid West Regional Council
Business provider
Kath Wallace
E-mbedding E-learning @SWRC
This project is designed to further embed e-learning within SWRC by combining the needs of the learner and a range of subject areas to meet the strategic direction of the college
South West Regional College of TAFE
Empowering Learners
Guy Truss
Maria Baxter
Caroline Gledhill
Raymond Gordon
Margaret Leatherbarrow
Linda Smith
This project will develop resources, guidelines and activities to better engage learners in online learning.
Central Institute of Technology
Empowering Learners
Ros Howell & Keith Critchett
Hairdressing Together
This collaboration involves four regional colleges sharing existing and creating new resources to enable hairdressing apprentices to access training online.
Great Southern TAFE
Empowering Learners
Susan Dawes
Karrayili Online Strategy
This project will pilot an online training program and virtual classroom with remote Aboriginal communities in the Fitzroy Valley.
Karrayili Adult Education Centre Aboriginal Corporation
Empowering Learners
Daron Keogh
Kimberley Link
This partnership will develop an enhanced online learning management system, content and resources for blended delivery for medical staff enrolled in the Diploma of Management in both the metropolitan and Kimberley region WA.
Pivot Solutions Pty Ltd and WA Country Health Service Kimberley, and Fremantle Health and Hospital Services
Business provider partnership
Elisa Uyen
Knowledge delivery for the Nintendo Generation
This project will integrate e-learning and technology to increase the uptake of knowledge in teaching commercial cookery.
West Coast Institute of Training
Empowering Learners
Daniel Moore
Legislation Gas Course
This project will meet industry and learners needs through the development and delivery of the legislation component of the LNG course online.
Polytechnic West
Empowering Learners
Simon Cruise
My Beach (Sigh Bar Bay) 2010
This project will extend the My Beach project (from 2008) to include learning content aligned to the current training materials and embed e-learning into SLSWA.
Surf Life Saving Western Australia Inc
Empowering Learners
John King
RPL online for the mining industry
Challenger in collaboration with Nifty Copper will develop an online RPL process and e-portfolios that will reduce face-to-face contact and the time currently taken for RPL assessment
Challenger Institute of Technology and BIRLA - Nifty Copper Operations
Greg Guppy
Brian Acreman
Annette Geikie
Shine Now
This project will develop e-learning modules and resources for Certificate III in Financial Services to embed a blended learning solution within the organisation.
Empowering Learners
Abbey Chasen
Virtual Network Training Simulator
To develop a virtual, interactive, online, innovative model of a simulated computer networking environment for practical training and assessment of learners to a Certificate III level.
Integracom Management Group
Empowering Learners
Brad Knox